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An Sr-22 is usually much less expensive than you think it will be. 

Our Multi-Quote network has become famous for finding low insurance rates. 
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If your Driver's License has been Suspended

We specialize in SR22 filings and license reinstatement requirement fulfillment.  It is very important to know the procedure and follow it entirely.   We can help guide you through the process.

Quick Tips for Quick License Reinstatement

1.  Don't freak out.. it isn't as bad as you think
2.  Contact us as soon as you get suspended 
3.  We will determine your reinstatement requirements

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Even with a suspended license you can purchase an Sr22 insurance policy.  The quicker you purchase your policy, the faster we can help you get your license back.   Quote Now

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Why do we think we can beat those insurance companies that you see on television?

It's simple.  With our multi-quote system, you will receive quotes from several insurance companies and have the opportunity to purchase the one with the best sr22 rate.

You can even buy an Sr22 without a car!  It is called a non-owner policy and it helps to take care of your state's financial responsibility requirements.

We don't use the term High Risk Insurance.

Most customers who need an sr22 filing don't have really bad driving records.  It is quite common to get a DWI and no other tickets.  We see it all the time.  Some or our companies only count the Dui as 1 violation point.  See,  it isn't as bad as you thought.

By working with more than 100 Insurance Companies, it allows us to be relatively sure that we are always offering the customer a virtually unbeatable insurance price.

You could spend all day flipping through the phone book and browsing the internet, but it is unlikely that you will ever find a rate to beat

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Most Common SR22 Questions

What is an SR22?

This is just a piece of paper that proves you have auto liability insurance. The reason it is so special is because the insurance company must send it to the State. Request your Sr22 quote to see just how affordable it can be.

How long will I be suspended?

This will vary by person, the best thing to do is contact the state that suspended you. You should start working on reinstatement immediately.

How expensive is an SR22?

Don't worry! It isn't as bad as everyone says. First you need to purchase a liability auto policy, then we can add the SR22. Our SR22 costs are usually less than $50.

What else do I need?

You will probably have a reinstatement fee due to the State. If you are suspended due to an alcohol violation, you may be required to complete a course like SATOP. Find out more about Missouri Reinstatement Requirements.

How long must I carry an SR22?

Maybe 1 to 2 years. It will vary depending upon the reason, we will find out for you.

How do I apply for a Missouri Limited Driving Privilege?

Most but not all suspended drivers may obtain a limited driving privilege (Hardship) by filing an SR22 and completing the Application for Limited Driving Privilege. It is best to have your agent find out what your chances are of obtaining this permit before applying.

What is a Non-Owner Policy?

This type of policy is intended for drivers who need to meet financial responsibility requirements (SR22) but do not own or have regular access to a vehicle. Normally, a liability policy with a vehicle will be cheaper.

 Request a quote for a Non-Owner Policy

Why would you need sr22 insurance if you don't own a car?

A non-owner policy is normally required by a person who has had their driver's license suspended at some point. The STATE typically requires the driver to show "Proof of financial responsibility" before reinstating the license.

This may make you wonder, why would a person with no car need a driver's license?

We see many reasons including; they are planning to purchase a vehicle soon or they may be required to have a license for employment.

Getting the non-owner policy will make it easier for the person who plans to purchase a vehicle in the near future. The non-owner SR22 will expedite the reinstatement process and then the newly purchased vehicle can simply be added onto the existing policy.


Our agents specialize in finding you a great rate, but we can also help with your license reinstatement requirements.  We even offer an Instant SR22 Filing in some states. 


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